Charging made easy

Our products and services are developed to create smooth experiences around charging for both drivers and companies. EV Charging is an extension of the car itself and it should just work. Our objective is to secure that people choosing EVs as their private car, company car or rental car does not have to struggle with charging.


One app for drivers

An application for Drivers to find and pay for charging, plan their routes and get a great overview. Currently focused on public charging with thousands of charging spots from multiple charging operators.

Cloud management for businesses

Regular companies, Leasing companies, Taxi, Carsharing, Rental firms and all other organisations.

Many businesses are planning for or are in the middle of the process of electrifying their fleets. Together with Cloud Management solution, our Driver App and charging card provides the optimal way to handle a fleet of electric cars. Handling multiple drivers and accounts, having a centralized payment method and extracting data are just some of the features we provide.

Products for everyone

Our products and services are developed to create smooth experiences around businesses. Companies such as leasing, car rental and taxi, should not hesitate when it comes to choosing between an electric or a petrol/diesel car. Our products and services are making sure that both drivers and businesses have great benefits of driving electric.

We are constantly working with local players within the automotive and the energy sector to generate efficient and sustainable solutions for the future. Charge4Go will continue to scale and become more accessible for each day.

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You can start, stop and pay your charging in the Charge4Go app. With a charging card (RFID), you can pay your charging without opening the app.

Request a charging in the app in
"Profile > Cards&Payments".
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