Get electrified

EV Charging is an extension of the car itself and it should just work. Our objective is to secure that people choosing EVs as their private car, company car or rental car does not have to struggle with charging.

The app for drivers

A charging App covering thousands of charging spots from multiple operators with a smooth usage and all necessary features for the best experience of public charging.

Charge4Go app screens

App functions

Ev charging

Start and stop charge

You don’t have to use a tag or charging card to start and stop your charging. Manage your charging session in the app.
Charging history sessions

Charging history

Forget paper reciepts. We save all your charging sessions, which you can access directly in the app.
Payment options EV charging

Price transparency

Different charging operators have different charging costs. See every operator’s charging rate in the app.
Route plan


Don't spend long time finding charging stations. Plan your trip and we will plan your charging.
Multiple account users

Multiple users

Soon, you will be able to share your vehicle account with family and friends.
EV Charging history levels

Charging cards

Choose how you pay your charging. Order a charging card (RFID) or pay directly in the app.
EV Charging

Multiple charging operators

Do you have several apps for different charging operators?

We provide you with a large range of public charging operators. All in one app.
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Get started

Download Charge4Go app
01. Download the app to your phone and register with Digital ID or email.
Charge4Go app Cards&Payment
02. Add a credit card to enable charging.
Charge your car with Charge4Go app.
03. Start charging directly in the app or with a charging card.

Order a charging card.

With a charging card, you can pay your charging without the app.

Request a charging card below or in the app in "Profile > Cards & Payments".
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Get the app.

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