Businesses going electric

Companies choosing electric vehicles need a smooth way of paying for charging and administering multiple drivers. Cars will be charged at the office, on the road and even at home and managing all this can be tricky.

Cloud functions

Businesses 2021 are used to use fuel cards connected to the company where invoices are managed smoothly directly by the company or a leasing provider.

Charge4Go is offering the fuel card in a digital format through the Driver App and the Cloud Management App. In addition to this, charging cards can be used by drivers as an extension of the Driver App.

This combination enables businesses and organisations to electrify their fleets and have the charging question covered. The Driver App gives the necessary features for charging all company vehicles and the Management App gives the necessary features for handling the administration behind it.  

Take control

Charge4Go is digitizing the fuel card and provides businesses and organisations with multiple operators including a cloud management software, to be used by the company directly and/or the leasing provider.

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The Driver App let's you charge wherever and whenever it suits you.
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Our charging cards can be used as an extension of the app. An electric charging version of the "fuel card".
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Administrate your fleet accounts, customers or employees directly in the Cloud Management App.

Cloud functions

Multiple payment solutions

Multiple accounts

Connect multiple cars to one account. Manage your fleet based on your needs directly in your cloud app.
EV Charging

Manage charging operator contracts

A technincal solution provides a support for connecting multiple charging operators.
EV Charging history levels

Full cost control

Choose to pay by credit card or by invoice. Get a full overview and cost control of your and your business' charging history.
EV Charging operator contracts

All in one

With a large range of public charging stations, charge wherever and whenever it suits you. We collect all your cars in once app, and all your charging costs in one invoice.
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