5 Tips to make your EV ready for the spring

 5 Tips to make your EV ready for the spring
March 2, 2022

Winter driving may finally be behind us (hurrah!) but this does not mean that just because you’ve survived driving in the winter, you should be relaxed now.

This warm weather brings out more people, and there’s nothing better than hitting the open road and fully enjoying the long trip in beautiful spring weather.


Sometimes winter causes hidden damage to our electric car that can be dangerous, which means that NOW it’s time to prepare your EV and fix every minor problem, before they become major ones.

1. Check your tires and replace the winter tires with all-season or summer tires.

Be aware that when driving in winter salt, snow, and ice can damage your tires. Safe tires mean safe driving, so it is highly recommended to take your car to auto service for tire inspection. It is important to have your tires rotated and check the air pressure to maintain the right pressure that is recommended.

2. Pay attention to the rest.

It would always be a great idea to have an auto technician to inspect your electric car. Driving in the rain can sometimes be more risky than the snow. Therefore make sure to check whether the windshield wipers are ready for spring showers. As your car works extra hard during the winter, pay attention to check your car’s brakes and other fluids, air conditioner, wheel alignment, all exterior and interior lighting of your vehicle, and the battery.

3. Avoid running into a conflict with other EV drivers at public charge stations

According to a study conducted by BC Hydro it is mentioned that “almost a quarter of EV drivers surveyed have argued with a fellow EV driver at a public charging station, and almost one-third have witnessed such an argument.”As Spring brings a higher number of drivers to the public charging stations, we highly recommend having a charging etiquette and taking other drivers' needs into consideration in order to avoid the potential for conflict. We know that it can be hard sometimes but try to resist the urge to unplug another vehicle, no matter how long you think the charging is taking. The only exception in this situation would be if the driver has left a note which tells you to do so. Always keep in mind that the ideal period of time to charge your electric car is up to 40 minutes. Moreover, if you are not charging NEVER use the EV charging stations as a parking spot.

4. Plan the route in advance

Before you are heading on a long journey it's important to think ahead about which public charging points you can use along the way. Charge4Go App has the best route planner integrated into the system which offers charging solutions for every EV driver to find the nearest charging points, and plan their journey in advance. The charging and payment are all managed in the app, which saves you a lot of headaches and makes your road trip successful and enjoyable. Currently, Charge4Go simplifies the day-to-day charging experience in Sweden and Denmark areas, targeting the European Ev market. Download the app for free and let Charge4Go plan your charging.

5. Keep driving smooth and steady

The range is everything as far as driving an electric car is concerned. The following mentioned range-extending tips will help you make the most of the battery range, and keep your car going for longer. Keep driving smoothly by avoiding driving over the speed limit. Do not drive too fast and do not slam on the brakes at the very last second. Also, try to get out any excess weight from your EV because the lighter your car is, the less power is needed to make it move. What is more, choose the most efficient route that helps you maintain your speed.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and drive with extreme caution!