Charging is simple. Trust us.

Charging is simple. Trust us.
December 22, 2021

"It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen."

- Scott Belsky

You want to enjoy driving your electric car for years to come. In addition to choosing which EV of your dream is, it's absolutely normal to have some questions about this important investment. Far and away, the most common question that most drivers have is:

How to easily charge my EV on a long road trip and how to make the charging experience as fun as possible?

Listen up,

Let me tell you a story about how Charge4Go app came into existence and is now making the charging experience much easier for every EV driver.

Recharging the electric car in public was the worst thing that Tamas Hess and David Fauné had to face every time he planned to go on a long trip. Whenever they wanted to use the charging station they had to download and sign up for several apps. This experience was so inconvenient for them as they had to manage several apps at the same time on their phone. All that happened because each charging station was run by different companies that had their own app. Except that, the charging experience was becoming even tougher when they had to deal with different payment methods and keep several charging cards in their pocket. This situation was becoming a frustrating part of Tamas and David’s day.

In a search to simplify the day-to-day charging process, Tamas & David were fully dedicated to coming up with an idea for the development of a single unified app that would make electric mobility easier. After putting their own ideas to work, Charge4Go was founded in 2020, and started to operate in January 2021 targeting the European EV market. This company provides EV drivers with an intelligent charging tool that makes charging points easy to find and simplifies payments.

Wanna hear what’s more fun??

In addition to the driver's app, Charge4Go offers cloud management solutions for businesses to successfully manage a fleet of electric vehicles. Also, this app lets you organise multiple accounts in one. In other words, the charging experience becomes simple with the help of the Charge4Go app.

The creative and enthusiastic spirit that the founders of Charge4Go had to solve the charging problem opened up a lot of possibilities for riders and businesses. Nowadays Charge4Go helps every driver and company enjoy the driving experience.

… I want to repeat that again…

One major thing everyone should take away from this inspiring story is that it’s not about the idea – it’s about taking an idea and turning it into reality just like David and Tamas did.

Best of all, they get to do what's best for every EV driver and always bring innovative ideas to the company.

What about you? We would love to know what ideas did you make happen in your life!!

Share with us your inspiring story.

And one more thing…

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