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Charge4Go consist of a team of ambitious rockstars with the mission so simplify your day-to-day charging experience.

About the company

Another invention from Sweden.

Charge4Go is a Swedish Tech Startup founded in Stockholm by Tamas Hess and David Fauné in 2020. The company has been operational since January 2021 and is targeting the European EV market. The company will offer a wide range of products and services with focus on a reliable and seamless experience for both private customers and companies.

Charge4Go has been developing an application for drivers to create a seamless experience for their day-to-day charging. The company launched its beta app in July 2021, which has since been used in over thousands of charging sessions across Sweden and Denmark.

Charge4Go's vision is to simplify the transition from fossil fuel driven cars to electric with focus on the end user. Charge4Go will provide drivers with an exceptional charging tool, companies with a smooth fleet charging cloud service, and enable charge point facilitators to integrate a simple payment solution for their stations.

Charge4Go's aim is to cover both public and semi/public charging spots in order to give drivers the option to charge nationwide across operator borders and provide a transparent overview of their charging history.

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"My mission is to together with our partners give confidence for drivers to make the transition to electric vehicles."
Tamas Hess, Co-Founder.

Company Core values

Driving electric should not be hard.
No fuzz.
Why make it boring.

About the founders

Half and half.

David Fauné and Tamas Hess got to know each other at TechBuddy that Tamas Co-founded together with Tahero Nori. Based on their experiences of building a tech company, experience from the car industry, and as EV drivers they started their new venture, Charge4Go. With roots in Chile and Hungary, in tech and mobility, the half and half work to create a life-hacking product for themselves, which they share with the rest of us in the EV community.

David Fauné

Co-Founder. Social genius.

Born in Santiago de Chile, raised in Stockholm. Previously working at Apple, Sumitomo Corporation and leading the Swedish entity at the start-up TechBuddy, David is our expertise in people and team as well as delivering value and results.

Driven to create, change and contribute to what's really important in society. A team player by heart, who has always given his all for the group.

"My mission now is to simplify the transition to electric cars for everyone. My team and I will work hard for all these people and businesses thinking of taking the step, and for those who just did it."

Tamas Hess

Co-Founder. Developing expert.

Born in Budapest, educated in Stockholm.

With a startup background, Tamas is passionate to create solutions that simplifies his everyday life, and at the same time creates an impact in the society.

"My mission is to together with our partners give confidence for drivers to make the transition to electric vehicles."

“Together with my team of rockstars, I will work hard for all of those who wants to drive electric.”
David Fauné, Co-Founder.

About the TEAM

The new generation of drivers.

We're a small team of drifted drivers who like to have fun in the process of our development. An ambitious group of folks, who are all in it to create a life-hacking product.

The Charge4Go team is based in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden. We are a group of multilingual developers, ambitious workers, creative designers and environmental brains. Together we make innovations happen, while also having a lot of fun.

We welcome creative minds, and expect initiatives. At Charge4Go we work together, strive together, and help each other out.

Be a part of our gang.

Together with the industry, our company is constantly growing. We don’t always have room for employments, but are always open to collaborations, interns, ideas and great minds. Give us a mail in our inbox and let’s chat!
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